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Name:LZ in Rather not say 3 Offline

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Last Active:01-12-2022 08:19 AM
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Future Space for Blogs

Ky: I'm So Sorry. 716.3 days ago
Ky: I Like It! Really diggin that cute Protogen! 867.7 days ago
LZ: heh, just wanted to make sure I look like how I do. 867.9 days ago
Ky: What's with the new getup? I like It! 873.6 days ago
LZ: -Tries to get the prints off the door, but can't- huh. 877.8 days ago
Celer: Leaves Hoof prints on your wall 883.3 days ago
Ky: Leaves fox print on your wall! 884.9 days ago
LZ: Good to know all of you are having a great time! 885.8 days ago
EverestHusky: Ruff Ruff yeah! x3 888.6 days ago
Anya Underworld: Hello, thank you for the post/messages. I'm not very interested in 'small' talk. 888.6 days ago
Joker Wolf: Danke. Is much big! 890.7 days ago
EverestHusky: Once Upon A Holuday 892.6 days ago
EverestHusky: Ky & LZ I hope you enjoy it! I did too! Awooo! 894.5 days ago
EverestHusky: Will do! Aroooo! 894.7 days ago
Ky: How are you feeling? Are you feeling okay? If you ever need me for anything, ANYTHING at all...Let me know, And I'll do whatever I can to help you. Okay? 894.7 days ago
EverestHusky: Pawsome! 894.7 days ago
Ky: Great! I am too. 895.2 days ago
EverestHusky: Furries for Life! Happy to help! By Everest The Husky 895.6 days ago
Ky: Hey LZ! How're ya doin, Buddy? 895.6 days ago
EverestHusky: Hiya LZ how's it going OwO 895.7 days ago
Bullitt: shiny protogen uwu 901.8 days ago
EverestHusky: I'm a Blue Husky! And, a Huskygirl gets Krazy! 903.6 days ago
EverestHusky: LZ, you can Dms with me, feel free! Happy Thanksgiving! Howls it going? 903.7 days ago
Celer: hope you had a good turkey day :) 905.3 days ago
EverestHusky: Woof woof Hiya 905.6 days ago
Koda: Just hope those computer parts on ya dont freeze up there 908.9 days ago
Joker Wolf: Doing okie! How's about yhu? 909.1 days ago
Koda: Fair enough theres plenty of excitement here to leave 909.2 days ago
EverestHusky: Hi LZ! How's it going? 909.7 days ago
Koda: You ever plan on visiting another planet once you get bored of earth ole wise protogen 909.9 days ago
Celer: hello 910.7 days ago
EverestHusky: Whenever there's a trouble, just yelp for help! 914.6 days ago
CoLLieNate: Ok! 914.7 days ago
CoLLieNate: Hey hey hey! Got your comment! Wanted to say thanks! And Im doing great thanks for asking! 914.8 days ago
LZ: Good to hear. Hello 916 days ago
Nyteshado: Hello 916.2 days ago
EverestHusky: Arrooo! 916.6 days ago
EverestHusky: Howls arf youwu fur-friend? 916.6 days ago
Kawalyr: thaaaaaaanks man 916.8 days ago
EverestHusky: LZ, you can Dms with me, feel free! 918.6 days ago
Siris: howdy howdy sorry for the slow reply i missed the posting on my wall . 919.5 days ago
EverestHusky: It's Super fun! 919.7 days ago
Ambas: of course little one 920.8 days ago
LZ: I'm down. 921.4 days ago
EverestHusky: Arrooo! Let's have some more fun ! 922.4 days ago
Air: Leaves a glowing paw print in your wall as I wave at you :3 923.4 days ago
EverestHusky: LZ, we all are having pawsome fun! 923.4 days ago
LZ: Hehe, good to know ya'll are having a good time. 926 days ago
EverestHusky: Koda, thx! Everyfurry, let's party! 926.7 days ago
Koda: Im pretty good thanks for asking and thank ya your protogen is mischievously cute 927.5 days ago
EverestHusky: Guys, that's so sweet! I'm good & Krazy!! And, you? 928.6 days ago
Garmy: hi I am doing great and you 928.9 days ago
LZ: I'm good, thanks. 929 days ago
EverestHusky: Awrooo! Lovers Of The Light! Whoo! But, hey, how's it going? 929.5 days ago
Knight Asher: Hey! I'm doing well, hope you had a good Halloween! 929.7 days ago
Morganna: Thank you and happy really late Halloween back 929.8 days ago
LZ: Good to hear. 930.4 days ago
Keirin: I am wonderful 930.6 days ago
Donovan: I am doing well. How about you? 930.9 days ago
L.Z: -Takes cupcake- thanks! -eats delicious cupcake- 930.9 days ago
L.Z: Thank you all. :3 930.9 days ago
Cyn: Hello! Welcome to the site ;-) 934.1 days ago
Little Tails: -sneaks a cupcake on your head!- 934.8 days ago
L.Z: -boops back- Hi nice to meet you and thanks. :3 935.4 days ago
Koda: Boop hello and welcome 935.5 days ago
L.Z: Thank you all. :3 935.9 days ago
Somnia Dreamweaver: Welcome to furrtrax, I hope you enjoy your time here 936.1 days ago
Ace: welcome enjoy your time here 936.4 days ago
Spots: Hey! Cute profile pic :3 936.4 days ago
L.Z: aww, thanks 936.8 days ago
Little Tails: Sweets for the sweet :3 936.8 days ago
Faraday: Hello! 936.8 days ago
L.Z: -Takes cookie- Thank u nom nom nom :3 936.8 days ago
Little Tails: Welcome to the site! -gives cookie- 936.8 days ago

About Me:
I am a protogen and I love getting attention.

I like video games, music, singing, dancing, art, and a LOT of attention.

My fursona's name is L.Z and is an "extreme" rare protogen. When they were created, they killed their creator and ran away, not knowing what to do. They stole a ship and currently resonates on Earth.

If you are interested in talking, please PM!

I usually choose to have OPEN relationships.

I don't know if that'll be the last thing I say, but I have a need to say this. If I end up acting weird or if I act younger than the age shown above, that is because I have a 2-year underdeveloped brain. Hope anyone who does talk to me understands.

Thanks for reading!

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