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Bug Bounty Program
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[email protected]

How to Participate!
If you have discovered a bug you think qualifies for the bug bounty program, Follow this Process:
1. Submit it via E-Mail to [email protected] and include technical details, The IP you were on while testing it so we can check logs, and screenshots showing what the issue is.
2. Include phone contact information in the E-Mail!
3. Call 1-844-463-8779 and select Extention 3, and leave a message briefly mentioning you have submitted a bug, and your name!
4. We get a lot of submissions so be patient you are welcome to leave another voicemail if you feel the need.
5. If your bug discovery is severe, and has potential for breach of site systems or security call 1-844-463-8779 and select Extention 700.

Support Contacts
For any issues that arrise, you may Contact us using the following means:
If the site is up contact any member with a Bold Name for Help. Bold Names indicate the user is a Admin or Moderator.
If you are unable to reach the site, or the problem is Urgent:
E-Mail: [email protected] - Goes to DarkXander's Phone
Phone: 1-844-463-8779 Ext 700 (For Emergency Situations, Severe Bug Reports, and Law Enforcement Use only)

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