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FurrTrax Mission | Why I Created FurrTrax!
1. The Original Call to Action, The Very First Reason i started the project!
I was finally deciding to get more into the Furry Scene, and trying to make friends with local furrs, I found an APP called YiFFR,
I liked the premise and idea behind the app immediatly, It showed Furrs who were near you by distance, and allowed you to chat.
Upon further use of YiFFR i noticed the frequent APP Crahses, and when Debugging, noticed you could find the GPS Location of any member who was online.
I offered to help the author, but never got a response, And soon due to Pornography, and maybe the insecure GPS, Google Pulled it from the market. At that time I saw the opportunity to take the idea, and make it so much better. So was born the FurrTrax Mobile App Alpha Version 4 days later.

2. Why FurrTrax Exploded into a Social Network, and Why I declared WAR on several other sites!
FurrTrax grew very quickly as people who were looking for YiFFR after its death found us instead, I used YiFFR as one of our keywords as well.
Myself and Kovu were frequently attending Furry Events here in Arizona, and I started to get a feel for how many Furrs are lonely, and looking for Friends, Companions, Mates, Flings, Etc.
I myself joined FurryMate to see if it was worthwhile, and very quickly was able to see, IT WAS ALL BOTS! Fake Messages, Simular Repeated Messages, Stolen Artwork used on fake bot accounts, I made a second account and got the exact same list of garbage messages 1-2 per day.
I see this kind of blatant use of Bots used to Entice membership as 100% un-ethical, its bad enough you have to PAY for membership, but even then you get fake messages to trick you into thinking you are meeting people, so you keep paying and hoping you will make a friend. Its EVIL!
From that moment my Stance has been this, I will offer as many competing features to the bad Paysites as i can, For FREE, to DRAG their members to my site instead, And give them a real, legitmate experience, Free of bots, and more ethically centered.
And I will sip on my beer while i watch these PaySites falter, and loose memberships, and hopefully burn in hell for their Predatory Activities against Furrys.

Pay Dating Site Abusing Furry Community through Scams and Fraud
A Flayrah exclusive investigation for Furry public interest

FurrTrax Story
FurrTrax is a Mobile App, Social Networking Site, And Collaboration system to help members of the furry fandom organize, plan events, make friends, find other furries in their local areas, and those with simular interests. For a long time the Furry community has been very scattered, and attempts by simular projects such as YiFFr while good intentioned, failed due to lack of maintenance, upkeep, etc.

FurrTrax allows Furry Members to create User Profile Pages, Share Contact Info, Use both Public and Private Live Chatrooms with Fellow members, See GPS based distances of other members to find people in their area to befriend, Post and Plan public events to Everyone in their State, Notify Others they are looking to Meetup, View Single Members in their state, and Exchange Private Messages.
The site is accessible on smartphones and tablets via the mobile portal, or through the use of the FurrTrax Android App.

The FurrTrax System was built in its entirety by DarkXander, A member of the fandom from Phoenix, Arizona, on Linux using PHP, Java, and MySQL. All PHP programming was written from scratch in Linux G-Edit simular to Windows Notepad, FurrTrax does not use or rely on any third party Frameworks, CMS Systems, or Librarys. As all the code was written from scratch, and not publicly released, It provides a added layer of security since noone other then DarkXander knows how the Programming and MySQL systems truly function. DarkXander is a Corporate Network Engineer, Linux System Administrator, Linux Programmer, and has a background in Security Auditing, Cisco CCNA, SQL, with experience in both Government and Private Sector IT Operations and Management.

Support Contacts
For any issues that arrise, you may Contact us using the following means:
If the site is up contact any member with a Bold Name for Help. Bold Names indicate the user is a Admin or Moderator.
If you are unable to reach the site, or the problem is Urgent:
KIK: dark.xander
E-Mail: [email protected] - Goes to DarkXander's Phone
Phone: 1-844-463-8779 Ext 700 (For Emergency Situations, Severe Bug Reports, and Law Enforcement Use only)

FurrTrax Staff
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Issidore L Ducasse
Captain Livingston Kirk
Birdy Blu
Sir Chan
Gustav Cigarcat

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