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The Tale of the White Queen Posted by: Knight Mage Asher at 01-05-2020 12:06 PM, Last Modified 01-05-2020 12:06 PM
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In the time before Krystal Hjerte, the continent of Greenland was rife with crime and war. It was common for towns and villages to be raided for their goods and supplies, meanwhile their cries of help would go unheard by the kingdoms that were supposed to be protecting them. In fact, the only times that the nobility would get involved is either when their food and military supplies would run low, or when they needed more men to fight in their wars.
One kingdom, to the north, was undergoing particularly chaotic events. Aside from the usual gangs and politics, there was a coup in the royal court. The king and queen, along with all their heirs were assassinated by the queen’s distant cousin. After taking the crown, she renamed the kingdom after herself, the Kingdom of Zaria.
After securing the throne, she wanted to make absolutely sure there would be no challengers. So she sent out soldiers to search for anyone of royal descent, with orders to ensure there were no survivors. She did so secretly, in order to avoid any further complications.
The soldiers carried out their orders diligently and quietly, and only had one relative left to execute. However, before they were able to complete their mission, they were interrupted by a young, brave knight. He took the young child under his wing, and began to raise her, all on his own. He would ensure that she was always safe, putting her well being above his own.
After journeying the countryside for a while, the stranger asked the girl what her dream was. She responded that all she wanted was for everyone to stop the fighting, and that she wanted for the kingdoms to start paying attention to the needs of their subjects. The noble knight knew of Zaria’s plan, and asked the girl if she would take over the crown as the rightful heir to the kingdom. The girl of course was too modest to say yes, as she herself was a simple farm girl. Even if she desired the crown, she knew nothing of ruling and nobility, of taxes and laws. Still, the stranger assured her that someone as pure as her would make an excellent queen. And so he convinced her, if very slowly, to reclaim the throne.
Over a period of seven years, the strange knight trained the young girl, and taught her to be a greatly skilled fighter. But even after achieving such prowess, the girl refused to kill people. She did not believe in taking a person’s life, even if they posed a serious threat. Instead, she preferred a fighting style that would take care of the threat without killing anyone. The stranger was concerned about this, but he respected her decision, and so he let her be.

After being on the road for years, at long last, the two reached the castle. Zaria ordered her men to arrest the two, but the brave knight ensured that didn’t happen. After making it clear they were outmatched, the royal court had no choice but to hear the pair out.
After hearing their story and deliberating, the royal court realized that the now grown up orphan was indeed the true successor to the crown. Having no other options in accordance with the royal laws, they told Zaria that she would have to step down and let the girl take her place as queen. There would be a ceremony the next day, and in the meantime, the girl and the stranger were to prepare themselves.
The next morning, as the girl was getting ready to appear before the kingdom, she was ambushed. Luckily she had been trained well, but even with her skills, she was outnumbered, six to one. The knight was able to come to her aid, but the assassins were incredibly well trained. Things were looking dire for them, and in the desperate fight for survival, the brave knight sacrificed himself in order to ensure the girl’s survival. In his last breath, he made her promise to stay true to herself, and to not only help the people of the kingdom, but to make sure she never killed anyone.
The girl was heartbroken, but she now knew that she alone was the only hope that the kingdom had. She had lost the only friend she had ever known, but the knight had left her a present to help her in her endeavors. He had left her a set of gleaning white, crystalline armor. Master crafted, this armor was miles ahead of any other. Not only this, but the tragedy had awoken something deep inside the girl, another gift, but this one hailing from the gods. She now also had incredible magical powers, able to perform impossible feats.
With her many skills and newfound gifts, the girl had no trouble taking the crown. She decided to rename the kingdom once more, this time deciding on the name of Krystal Hjerte, in honer of her fallen tutor. At first, the people of the kingdom thought that she would be just another harsh ruler, who did not care about the average person. Much to their surprise and benefit, she went to great lengths in order to ensure the kingdom’s safety. She put a stop to the bandits and the raiders, she eliminated all corruption in the royal court, and she even began to pass measures to help the farmers and the poor. In a few years, the kingdom went from being just another savage wasteland to being a haven in the cruel lands of the north.
Even when faced with invasion and war, the queen made sure no one on either side of the conflict got killed. Even if she had to fight single handily against an entire army to make sure no one else got hurt, she stayed true to herself as she had promised. Even when the kingdom had the means to take over the continent, she refused to cause undue suffering on others. In time, she would be remembered as the great White Queen, the first of Krystal Hjerte’s many wonderful leaders. She had done what no one had thought possible, and even long after she passed on, the kingdom would never forget the love they had for her.......

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