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The Tale of the Blood Knight Posted by: Knight Mage Asher at 01-04-2020 12:30 PM, Last Modified 01-04-2020 12:30 PM
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Long ago, in the region of Skovområder, in the days before the kingdom of Krystal Hjerte, when bandits and war between kingdoms were widespread, there was a young boy. The boy and his family lived on a small farm, and would work hard all year round to ensure a decent living. He was only in his teens when he was forced to see his family cut down by a group of raiders who only cared about making a quick score. He managed to escape, but not without injuries.
He wandered across the frozen wastelands, lost, alone, and confused. His life on the farm had prepared him for surviving in an emergency. But without any purpose or drive, it would not be long until he would let himself succumb to the elements. He came across a small cave, and decided to wait until the storm passed. As he waited, he was visited by a very strange creature.
That creature was a demon, straight from the fires of hell. He had sensed the bloodshed and the sorrow that had just happened, and saw an opportunity. He offered the boy a deal; his soul for the power to slay all his enemies. No sane person would normally take such a vile offer, but the memories of his families screams were still fresh in the boys mind, his rage seething. So, he took the deal in an instant.
The demon upheld his promise, and gave the boy a demonic set of armor, along with a matching claymore. The boy then set upon searching for the ones that had wronged him, with only one goal in his mind: revenge. Of course, it would not be an easy task, even for him in his new, enhanced state. Greenland being a massive place, they could be hiding out anywhere. Still, he was determined, and having gone so far as to making a deal with the devil, was going to accomplish his mission no matter what.
And so, he began to wander, from town to town, searching for any trace that may lead him to the raiders. For the most part, he simply passed through them, ignoring the townsfolk and getting a few, frightened stares. At one town, however, something was different. At the town of Ældste Elg there was a small gang of bandits, harassing the townsfolk and demanding a tribute. Seeing an opportunity to get information, he went up to the leader, and demanded information on the “band of the were-rabbit,” the raider group who had slain his family. The bandits laughed, taking him for a wanna be hero. The leader commanded his men to kill the boy, and so they tried. But they were no match for the demon boy, who, despite lacking experience, easily cut them down. The leader was furious, and tried to do the task himself, only to have a claymore stuck in his chest.
As the boy removed the dead bandit from his sword, the townspeople nervously tried to give him thanks, but he ignored them. He simply turned to leave, and headed towards the next town. No one quite knew what to make of this, so for the moment, they decided to be grateful for being able to get on with their lives.
One day, as he was heading towards another town, he came across a horse drawn wagon that had broken down. It was a rich noble’s wagon, and he was harassing his servants, demanding they fix the problem quickly. He noticed the boy, and tried to get him to help. But the boy did not care for the noble’s problems, and so he continued on his way. The noble was infuriated, and so he ordered his guards to stop the boy. However the boy had his mission, and would not let anything stand in his way.
He cut down the noble’s guards, his armor keeping him from getting so much as a scratch. The noble continued his verbal assault, reprimanding what he saw as a rogue knight. The boy grew tired of the noble, and approached. He looked down on the frightened, and saw the high and mighty royal cowering, screaming for help from his remaining servants. It was then that the boy realized this man, who was doing nothing for the local peasants, who wore fine silks and jewelry, was extremely entitled and uncaring. So he raised his sword once more, and as the lord called him not a royal knight, but a blood knight, the boy severed his head from his body. He left the servants, shaking and afraid, and continued on his journey. From that day onward, he couldn’t help but see the darkness in all men’s hearts, and would not hesitate to act accordingly.
As for the servants, they hurried back to their noble’s keep, and told the tale of the so called ‘blood knight’ who had slain their master. But the crown cared not for a rogue knight, just as it did not care for the many bandits and raiders that roamed the lands. Instead the crown cared only for more power, as did the other kingdoms. And so the blood knight was free to roam the lands, ever searching for the men who had wronged him. He continued to cut down any who would stand in his way, regardless of their innocence, his armor and sword growing ever redder in their blood.
That was centuries ago and from what anyone can tell, the boy never did find the raiders he had searched for. But some say, if you’re ever alone on a moonlight night, you might be able to hear the screams from his victims. They say if you hear the screaming, then whether you're a wicked man or one hell of a saint, then you’d best pray and hope you are spared by the spirit of the blood knight.

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