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Parable of the Tarragon Posted by: Knight Mage Asher at 12-20-2019 10:29 AM, Last Modified 12-20-2019 10:29 AM
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A long time ago, in a time since all but forgotten, there was an advanced civilization, capable of soaring through the stars. They were known as the Antediluvians, and they were capable of great feats. One day, they decided to establish a colony in a faraway star system. They chose to settle on one of three planets, the second furthest from the star.
When they arrived in their massive colony ship, they saw that while the planet had the needed resources for survival, it was a barren, rocky, desert world. But they had foreseen this. Along with themselves, they had brought great machines, and a class of android beings known as the Dolus. They had also made sure to take various other forms of life to seed the planet, as it was completely devoid of any forms of life, even microbial ones.
In just a few years, a successful colony was established. After a while, they moved out of the colony ship into permanent buildings on the planet’s surface. In time, this ship would become a sort of museum for future generations. They had enough now to survive on this planet, and so they did, as they awaited word from back home.
No answer came, and for a while, they still had hope. But after decades, they came to the realization that no one would come. So they abandoned hope. Instead, they focused on themselves, and on improving their planet. As the original colony expanded, they decided that it might be a good idea to expand beyond their planet onto another; they decided to colonize the third planet, furthest from the star.
This planet was very unlike the second, as this planet’s surface was almost entirely covered in liquid water. While it would have been very difficult to colonize when they had first arrived, they now had the means to quickly and efficiently build infrastructure in order to settle on the surface. They used stored genetic data and cryogenic samples to seed life in the vast oceans, in order to make food for both colonies. However even with their Dolus, the work was incredibly difficult and tedious, as neither was well adapted for an ocean world.
The Antediluvians had a solution. After centuries of survival, they had learned much about genetic engineering. Their scientists came up with an entirely new species, using the genetics of several others, they came up with a shark-humanoid species, that would be referred to as the Virtrix. These Virtrix were more than well suited for the work required on the ocean world, and they were quickly put to work. Now both planets had a supply of food, resources, and water.
Unfortunately for the Dolus and Virtrix, after centuries of isolation, the Antediluvians had become cruel and twisted. They did not view the other two factions as equals, and forced them to work endlessly. While the Dolus and Virtrix absolutely resented this, they were unable to do anything about their situation. Each strong in their own right, they paled in comparison to the strength and organization of their Antediluvian masters. And so they existed in misery, existing only to serve the needs of the Antediluvians.
Until, one day. One of the Dolus broke free from containment, and with the help of a few other brave Dolus, it stole the original colony ship. It plotted a course to their ancestral home, Earth, in hopes of getting help in order to free his people from their plight, as well as hopefully getting an answer as to why they had been abandoned. But during the daring escape, the ship was damaged. Having no choice but to drift slowly to his destination, the lone Dolus went into hibernation, awaiting the day he would finally reach Earth. And so he drifts, to this day, floating amongst the stars, dreaming of the day when his people will be set free.......

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