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Article: FurrTrax Honeypot Security tripped
Posted By: DarkXander
Date: 05-27-2016 01:04 AM
Views: 2356
UPDATE: He has emailed me and asked politely for his info to be removed, and is sorry for doing it.
Looks like someone just tripped my honeypot, and tried to login to the dummy admin account on the site, and didnt realize it was recording their info using a hidden javascript. To the owner of the IP: ***.***.***.77 we are glad you enjoyed your attempt, and thank you for allowing our little script to snag your GPS Coords, dont mess with furrtrax security, it will get ya!

GPS location of some dodo-brain

DarkXander: some of the best hackers in the world, the ones you would seem to call professional, are at least half way self taught, if your talking about the hackers in our government, well most of them are so far behind the times and outdated that they will soon be replaced by the newer generation. Perhaps then after thats happenned, our government will be able to take a shit, and not have extremist hackers knowing about it within 20 minutes of splashdown.
Zuulass: I mean like a real hacker, a professional
DarkXander: And you think no real hackers have tried yet eh, they do quite often actually. at least several times a week i see higher level attempts besides the normal piddly crap automated tools hitting us.
Zuulass: I'm just waiting for a real hacker to care enough to try and hack furrtrax. Boasting about security normally gets some hackers in the mood, also attracts attention from pleb hackers and script kiddies
DarkXander: i find it humorous when people try to attack or test our security and trip over our defenses, sometimes even faceplanting into the simplest of them.
Xemnas: Sometimes I think Xander truly enjoys being a guardian. Props to you sir.

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