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ID:Title:Poster:Views:Description:Date Updated:
24/:\ A.D.F. files ::: attack on hard concrete /:\/A.D.F. Knives2412an attack on the 10th dam on the Nile river...12-26-2013 01:25 AM
36Fringes (Discontinued. Working on a new, better story.)Clip/Tai2827Security Officer Verillus Metron battles for survival....04-27-2014 19:10 PM
37Pandemonium Fortress (Dream)Slanter Ascended2273A dream of heaven....02-06-2014 19:55 PM
40Death's RedemptionArtik Silverfang3369The Story of my death knight from warcraft meeting my wif...02-10-2014 21:58 PM
71Advent: Plunge into Bedlam Chapters 1-4Razgriz Draterra2382These are the first four chapters of a novel that I have ...05-22-2014 16:36 PM
73Guide to Hiding a website/server from the FBI, Hackers, or AnyoneDarkXander3546Guide to making it impossible to hack or block a website...10-17-2014 12:01 PM
74How to hack FurrTraxDarkXander3620How to hack FurrTrax Chat Rooms...06-02-2014 22:50 PM
109Who and What is Dark Xander, the Red Dragon IRLDarkXander3581Seems Darkness follows me around a lot, but it no longer ...10-10-2014 12:27 PM
116The Panda WarMio3019totally serious panda war...08-31-2015 17:25 PM
122Nocturnal Hearts - Wings of ValorAria Auroralïs3358NA...04-08-2016 14:13 PM
132The Long Road AheadGucci Roochie2810-Life pushes you into the ground. Get back up....04-09-2015 19:07 PM
135Hot or not?Acheron2821Description...04-15-2015 15:16 PM
140Broken SteelTengu-San2124A Song I had written for my band...04-27-2015 17:47 PM
190Don't Tempt Me. Part 2Driana BlackScale2590Couldn't edit the first part.. so here is the second....10-18-2015 11:19 AM
191Mitne - His story in dates.Mitne2430Story of Mitne categorized in dates....12-12-2015 01:22 AM
203Guardians: DownfallAkutenshi Ishimura2832For 56 years, Pelzigans and Humans have been stuck in a g...12-12-2015 13:08 PM
205Chewy: I Dream Of Destruction Chapter 1Musica Wolfsbane2738This is nothing muc, just something I've been working on ...01-06-2016 13:02 PM
22940 Years After the End (Project)OLARocket2411Follow our hero Kent as he goes throughout his life 40 ye...05-25-2016 13:35 PM
247The Student Vol. ISilver4860This is the very erotic story of a young man who learns a...04-25-2017 00:00 AM
282The Legend of ArtemisKnight Asher1867A story older than anyone can remember....03-11-2021 15:14 PM
301She Made Her ChoiceDeored748A princess whose nation is at war must find a way to end ...08-19-2023 14:53 PM
316The Lifeless GroundsTrazor131A high-fantasy adventure reaching from mortals to the god...01-29-2024 12:12 PM
317The Lifeless Grounds Chapter 2Trazor125Check out more here, it's free, what are you, too good fo...01-29-2024 13:21 PM
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