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ID:Title:Poster:Views:Description:Date Updated:
6Stone dojoJames bluewolf2918A sample of things to come in a lovely novel...12-01-2013 14:13 PM
7Seeds of the taintJames bluewolf2792Warning vore and bit of regression....and grammer lol the...12-01-2013 14:14 PM
19Knowledge Of A Seeker -1-Fahara2623Nujema: The First Stop...12-19-2013 14:40 PM
36Fringes (Discontinued. Working on a new, better story.)Clip/Tai2827Security Officer Verillus Metron battles for survival....04-27-2014 19:10 PM
68Not Always As It Seems (pt2)Waive Black2373More on Waive...04-22-2014 00:00 AM
71Advent: Plunge into Bedlam Chapters 1-4Razgriz Draterra2382These are the first four chapters of a novel that I have ...05-22-2014 16:36 PM
74How to hack FurrTraxDarkXander3620How to hack FurrTrax Chat Rooms...06-02-2014 22:50 PM
80Logan's New PetKami2695A commissioned story (Hypno/MC, Rubber TF, M/M)...07-31-2014 14:52 PM
81Dander to the RescueDander Shadownight2363Dander and Skylar meet...06-29-2014 14:18 PM
90UntitledSiris2877zero draft of a scifi i'm working on, just the first litt...10-08-2014 23:01 PM
107UntitledSiris2693work in progress first draft, new post for teh update sin...10-10-2014 02:10 AM
108The Audio Misfortunes of Arthur Wolfgang Part OneCaptain Infernus2807Two best friends and a cursed sound system. ...10-10-2014 06:56 AM
113WAR-MINDSege Marl2251A violent AI is released upon the city New Caanan on Io...04-03-2015 12:54 PM
146Deus Ex: Gods Among MenTengu-San2355Tengu's descent into the Cyber Underworld...06-10-2015 19:57 PM
191Mitne - His story in dates.Mitne2430Story of Mitne categorized in dates....12-12-2015 01:22 AM
203Guardians: DownfallAkutenshi Ishimura2832For 56 years, Pelzigans and Humans have been stuck in a g...12-12-2015 13:08 PM
207The Origins of the Stock TraderEman Reyalp2166My fursona's backstory....01-26-2016 13:49 PM
212(Untitled)octibit2395...02-20-2016 16:46 PM
22940 Years After the End (Project)OLARocket2411Follow our hero Kent as he goes throughout his life 40 ye...05-25-2016 13:35 PM
235Northward JourneyJayce Silence Rebel2164More Flights of Fancy...02-19-2017 12:18 PM
247The Student Vol. ISilver4860This is the very erotic story of a young man who learns a...04-25-2017 00:00 AM
272Mitne WorldMitne2305Here's description of Mitne world in detail....06-07-2020 01:24 AM
279Parable of the TarragonKnight Asher1990An anceint tale told by a small group of enslaved immorta...03-02-2021 10:14 AM
293Square one.Abbie Riggs1501This is a Star Wars story. ...11-24-2020 14:55 PM
294A Change for the better.Furryfan0781701A Slow TF Story....02-23-2021 09:10 AM
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