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Name:Rainbow Roo in West Hills Offline
Relationship:Rather Not Say

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Future Space for Blogs

Sinclair the Bunny: Merry Christmas! 537.2 days ago
scotto: rainbow roo live long and prosper nichelle nichols as pass away rip nichelle nichols 683.9 days ago
Krissy: Leaves a paw print as I explore 698.9 days ago
Celer: was wondering when you were gonna catch that :) 739 days ago
Rainbow Roo: Yes. 753.9 days ago
Celer: Jim, Ship out of danger? 818.8 days ago
Rainbow Roo: And finally - please keep in mind - this update, this supernatural understanding of this reality that will make you wiser than any non-believer - it only works if you put the LORD, the Lord Jesus Christ FIRST in your life. Above and over everything else. He, the LORD must be the MOST important driving force in your life Put NOTHING ELSE above Him, or else that thing becomes an idol and the LORD does not allow idolatry. Oh! And if you can, attend a local church to find others like you and to learn about being a good servant. Get your hands on a Holy bible and read it! Become familiar with it! Read it again and again. Not easy reading for a young adult but if you can manage to push yourself to read it entirely, and read it slowly so you contemplate what is being said - you will better understand what God is like and what He expects from you. 819.1 days ago
Rainbow Roo: To clarify so you understand - by 'Ask Him to reveal Himself to you and teach you - I mean pray at home in a quiet place. Bring yourself down onto your knees in humility and quietly pray and ask the Lord Jesus Christ to forgive you of your sins, and accept His sacrifice on the cross for all the sinful things you have done in your life. After you do this, ask Him to be present in your body and to guide you with the Holy Spirit so you will have wisdom and understand what is taking place in this world - those who sin(do bad, lewd things that separate them from God), as opposed to those who are struggling with sin but doing their best to not chase after it. The ones who sin openly - God HIDES from them. Their consciousness and understanding of reality is in a way where they just exist, and everything seems random. Those who repent and accept Jesus Christ for His sacrifice? They are given a sort of ...supernatural understanding of reality. It's like God downloads an update into your mind and you just start to see, and understand what is happening all around you. Until you repent and accept Christ Jesus as your savior, certain parts of this world and reality you are living in remain hidden or closed off to you. You are not allowed access to the secret backstage area of the concert until you become a servant of Jesus Christ. :) 819.1 days ago
Rainbow Roo: Brother and sister - I have commented in both your profiles. If you truly want wisdom and to have the living God speak with you - follow my instructions. Ask Him to reveal Himself and teach you the straight and narrow path. But...be prepared to OBEY His instruction. This is not some random self help coach. This is the LORD, the Creator of all you are asking to show Himself to you. He will Show glimpses of Himself through His servants (such as myself), or though family, or strangers, or random moments throughout your day in unbelievable ways. But if you choose to openly sin with no repentance, He will hide from you. I have faith in you both, and hold on - you will be in for quite a ride /if/ you follow my instructions. 819.1 days ago
furryboi1914: Hallelujah! 819.6 days ago
furrygurl1914: Father Roo, Ill treat your wall as a confession box. Alright, it all started in 2018, my brother and I were thirteen years old. We were bored. So my brother came up to me one day and showed me this site; I was curious as to where this little adventure would lead us. One thing led to another and we were off and on this site for four years, and during this time we yiffed with.. Id say a lot of furs. 819.6 days ago
furryboi1914: I don't know how or where to say this, but I am seventeen years of age. I have been seeking guidance ever since this news has come to light. Father Roo, I know you might not see this, but I need your help. Thank you. leaves paw print on your wall 819.6 days ago
furrygurl1914: Father Roo, I am seventeen years old. Please guide me, I dont know what to do. 819.6 days ago
Varik Valefor: Seeing an obvious Christian around these parts is a welcome change of pace. 901.9 days ago
Ace: hello and nice fursona never seen a kangaroo before 919.3 days ago
LZ: Hiya sits on a chair 927.8 days ago
EverestHusky: Well hello there! I'm the blue husky so come around and join me! Aroo, let's have some fun and krazy! 956.5 days ago
Yellow: Hey there. Haven't seen you around here before. 1021.3 days ago
Rainbow Roo: Hi Keirin! I am happy to be here, and will do my best to try and be a good example to others. 1030.9 days ago
Keirin: Welcome good boy, please stay here with us 1031 days ago

About Me:
Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.
1 Corinthians 13:4-7

Present within the furry fandom since the late 90's. Born again Christian kangaroo. Currently in service to the LORD and His beloved Son Jesus Christ.

I view everyone as a brother or sister, one of the LORD's children. Does your heart contain truth and love? Or do you possess a heart of darkness, having a preference for sin?

Most of my time is spent exercising (I hover around 153 LB), reading books - mostly theology themed, and listening to music. I usually spend the late weekend evenings hunting down bizarre music mash-ups and covers of various songs. I also wander around on Second Life as an animated plush teddy bear looking critter - (think Five Nights at Freddy's), doing my best to save lost souls from sinning - and sometimes getting banned from places in the process! Any other free time is usually spent being guided wherever my Lord wishes me to be.

I would like to also add that through the strength of Christ Jesus I was able to drop two drug habits that had been with me for a good part of my life - cannabis and opiods. With His help you can have the power to no longer need any vice in your life to get by. Tobacco, weed, alcohol, etc, - you can be free from all these habits in this life-long journey where we are all being tested. I also avoid NSFW furry art. This stuff is more or less pornography for us furry folk, and Jesus Christ warns against staring at others with lust in our hearts. It basically robs you of your "pureness/purity". ..besides, don't you know that there are angels who can see you looking at those dirty pictures and whatever else you might do when looking at them? Awkward!!!

If you would like to learn more about me you are welcome to visit my blog. I discuss topics usually involving Christianity and furry there. https://www.tumblr.com/blog/view/seraphrainbowroo
I am also an admin of a Christian furs and bronies Discord server. You can join at the following link, if you are interested. https://discord.gg/MpPF6zUA6N

Alternatively I am also willing to meet other furs local to my area for coffee, food, a movie, or other fun scenarios. I'd love to use a meet-up as an opportunity to discuss how faith can change your life but I will also refrain from this topic if that is your desire. Please feel free to get in touch with me either here or through my Discord server if you are interested.

Have you ever experienced supernatural or paranormal events in your life? If not, certain spiritual forces (daemons, fallen angels) probably have you right where they want you - so no noticeable intervention on their part is required. If you answered yes - you are either familiar with the dark/forbidden arts (Witchcraft, hexes, daemon invocation/evocation, satanic stuff) or you are a holy servant-warrior for the Lord Jesus Christ. Angel food cake or Devil's food cake. Choose carefully! Your eternal soul depends on it...

Is your life plagued by bad luck, misfortunes, and demons that whisper in your ear? Perhaps you seek a friend who has had experience with spiritual battles? Aspiring saint of our Lord Jesus Christ, at your service!

You may notice male and female portraits. Those who are servants of Jesus Christ who are angels have the ability to alter their appearance. (Hebrews 13:2)

You have been, and always shall be, my friend.

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