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Mike Furry's Fursona Avatar
Name:Mike Furry in Vancouver BC Offline
Species:BearCat Hybrid
Relationship:Single, Not Looking
Founding Member

Furry Artists
Steam furs
Team Fortress 2
Fuzzy Love
The Great White North
Crossdressing Furs
Gay And Closeted
Member ID:1479
Last Active:09-24-2020 19:36 PM
Profile Views:34237
Distance: Miles
Skype:Hidden from Guests
Kik:Hidden from Guests
YIM:Hidden from Guests
FurAffinity:Hidden from Guests
Facebook:Hidden from Guests

Future Space for Blogs

Mike Furry: I hope everyone of you is safe and happy! 119.8 days ago
Mike Furry: i think my brain is starting to attraphy.. please send caffeine. 162 days ago
jacob: your avatar is so cute! 226.1 days ago
jacob: hello! 231.1 days ago
Mike Furry: Hello everyone who comes to view my profile. Please leave a hello. 233.6 days ago
Mike Furry: yep.. .2020 is going to be just as stressful as 2019. 246.1 days ago
Mike Furry: Nothing like a birthday to make you feel old and useless. 257.5 days ago
Mike Furry: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/34319879/ Merry Yiffmas Too? 281.9 days ago
Mike Furry: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/34246737/ Merry Christmas. 288.9 days ago
Takola Vashen: Pure evils x.x 304.8 days ago
Takola Vashen: :o chu is evils 308.6 days ago
Takola Vashen: -meeps cleaning my fur- really mean how?!.. 309 days ago
Takola Vashen: B-but thats so mean.. I just dyed my fur pouts 309.7 days ago
Mike Furry: family seem to think I look like a sad sac so I am being taken out for chinese 309.8 days ago
Takola Vashen: Nuuuu my wall has be violated x.x -places paw prints everywhere on your wall- 310 days ago
Takola Vashen: Hiya :D -leaves a paw print on your wall- 310.1 days ago
Dave Jay Cloud obsessed with men and Japanese culture: why did you say moo? 310.2 days ago
Dave Jay Cloud obsessed with men: hi 316 days ago
Mint: Fine, fine, could be doing better 316.2 days ago
Mint: Hello 330.1 days ago
Mike Furry: blah.. sick in bed now with a fever. 331.8 days ago
Mike Furry: welcome all who come to my page. Feel free to say hello and leave a comment. 333.5 days ago
Mike Furry: Happy Hallowe'en! 335.6 days ago
Mike Furry: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/33643766/ 335.6 days ago
Little Tails: Welcome back, floof! 340.1 days ago
Mike Furry: yep, i am back for a while 340.1 days ago
Mike Furry: moo 435.7 days ago
Mike Furry: wow, it sometimes feels I am the only one here at night 490.5 days ago
Celer: Look Into My Eyes , i think that was my fave 547.4 days ago
Mike Furry: Yes, I am really fucking bad for keeping to myself at times. 547.7 days ago
Mike Furry: moo 549 days ago
Mike Furry: nothing like a HD failure to ruin one's day. 575.8 days ago
Play: Exploding noses.. that's a very peculiar condition so -Pokes his belly- 581.5 days ago
Play: I'm gonna poke your nose 581.8 days ago
Mike Furry: moo 581.8 days ago
Cynergi: pokes right back 583.8 days ago
Mike Furry: Look at my horse, my horse is amazing. 583.9 days ago
Mike Furry: back after a hiatus 584.8 days ago
May: Happy new year! 637.6 days ago
Mike Furry: Happy New Year. 638.7 days ago
Mike Furry: Merry Christmas 647.5 days ago
Wolfsbaneisme: Hay. 693.2 days ago
Mike Furry: Happy Hallowe'en. - https://www.furaffinity.net/view/29231490/ - 699.7 days ago
Mike Furry: Happy Hallowe'en. 700.5 days ago
Mike Furry: I got told I was a DILF.... i am not sure if I should feel great because I am sexy or bad because I am old :P 716.9 days ago
Mike Furry: yup... 736.7 days ago
Mike Furry: i am very, very bad for keeping to myself. 757.4 days ago
Mike Furry: looking for love in several wrong places 834.5 days ago
Mike Furry: nothing like a fresh install of your OS! 843.1 days ago
Mike Furry: yep... i hate me... 857 days ago
Charuna: glad you like my pic :3 883 days ago
Monstar23: Did you just moo on your own account 892.9 days ago
Mike Furry: moo 893 days ago
Sam: Hi :3 896.6 days ago
Mike Furry: Well, I feel terrible.. I am so hoping for a good night sleep. 923.6 days ago
Mike Furry: moo 931.8 days ago
Mike Furry: I am at VancouFur... if anyone else is attending, come say hi. I will be in the art jam room most of the convention. 935.9 days ago
ArthurLaCat: I love your pic! 943.5 days ago
Mike Furry: FurrTrax Instant Messager DOES NOT work for me.. 947.6 days ago
Lyo Burnside: Nah. 947.9 days ago
Mike Furry: i am very bad for keeping to myself... 948 days ago
Lyo Burnside: Spooky... 948.8 days ago
Lyo Burnside: Then why do I remember you? 949.6 days ago
Lyo Burnside: I remember you! 950.6 days ago
Mike Furry: and I am back again... 950.8 days ago
Saphira: Hiiiii 975.9 days ago
Mike Furry: Happy good riddance to 2017!!! 1003.9 days ago
Mike Furry: for those of you who have been trying to contact me, I have not been ignoring you, I have just been really busy, sorry about that. 1007.1 days ago
Mike Furry: Contest Time - http://www.furaffinity.net/journal/8556450/ 1008.5 days ago
Mike Furry: Merry Christmas. 1010.9 days ago
Mike Furry: i deal with holiday depression. 1020.8 days ago
Mike Furry: putting up a Christmas tree that is older than me 1024.7 days ago
Mike Furry: so... i burnt my hand on a pop tart... 1029.9 days ago
Karl Rayne: . 1032.8 days ago
Karl Rayne: WOOP 1052.4 days ago
Mike Furry: I have KIK again... 1053.1 days ago
Mike Furry: 11th hour, of the 11th day, of the 11th month... Lest we forget. RemembranceDay 1054.1 days ago
Mike Furry: Happy Hallowe'en.. now give me all your money! I mean candy. 1065 days ago
Mike Furry: I am back. 1076.8 days ago
Mike Furry: Happy Victoria Day - God Save the Queen 1226.8 days ago
Mike Furry: Election Day in British Columbia. Get out and Vote. 1240.1 days ago
Kusafox: :O! 1243.3 days ago
Roronoa: Fluffy 1244.2 days ago
Kusafox: Bloop 1244.4 days ago
Mike Furry: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/23237173/ 1262.7 days ago
Mike Furry: I am thinking of maybe doing an Easter Stream Later tonight 4pmish PT - https://picarto.tv/mikefurry 1263 days ago
Mike Furry: At Wendy's drawing in the corner. 1266.7 days ago
mewster the femboi kitty: Have fun dieting tehehehe 1267.6 days ago
Mike Furry: Off to the gym! 1267.7 days ago
mewster the femboi kitty: Big baby lol 1267.9 days ago
Mike Furry: Hooray, I have a phone that works again.. my last one was smoking. More proof why smoking is bad! 1267.9 days ago
mewster the femboi kitty: Why did you block my background image 1268.8 days ago
Mike Furry: Home from VancouFur.. i had a good time, though the van needs to go into the shop. 1298.1 days ago
💕 Aurora 💕: You're always sleeping 1301.3 days ago
Mike Furry: I am going to VancouFur. Come find me in the Art Jam Room 1301.5 days ago
Saphira Rose Lennox : hello 1338.1 days ago
Mike Furry: birthday... 1356.5 days ago
Trixie the Welder: hands Mike Furry a magical healing tea 1365.8 days ago
Mike Furry: Hooray, I am sick in bed.. Finally, I can sleep in! 1366.7 days ago
Aurora : Boop 1368.4 days ago
Mike Furry: Happy New Year everyone. 1368.9 days ago
Aurora : Rawr 1370.4 days ago
Aurora : Hey furry 1398.9 days ago
Mike Furry: why are the bats still here? . 1420 days ago
Mike Furry: Back from HOWLOWEEN! I love that event! 1422.7 days ago
Aurora : Places my paw print on your wall 1424 days ago
Mike Furry: Make the bats go away! It severely chugs my system! 1431.9 days ago
Candy: eye candy, my dear. 1435.2 days ago
Mike Furry: Also.. I am officially single again. 1436.4 days ago
Mike Furry: i hate when I go away for a few days and I come back to changes to the lay out in the site. 1436.4 days ago
Trixie the Welder: magical cold curing high five IN COMING!!!! 1444 days ago
Mike Furry: blah, i have a cold 1452.4 days ago
Mike Furry: Hooray, Labour Day. 1486.5 days ago
Mike Furry: Another Death in the Family... RIP Aunt Claudia. 1499.9 days ago
Mike Furry: Home from BronyCan! 1500.7 days ago
Mike Furry: sick in bed the week before a convention... blah 1508.7 days ago
Mike Furry: home from spending a half week in Alberta. 1539.1 days ago
Mike Furry: Next week, I wlil be at this: http:www.crittercarewildlife.orgevent2016openhouse 1543.6 days ago
🐾 Yoah-cat 🐾: huggles you How are you my furry friend? 1549.1 days ago
Mike Furry: Happy Canada Day, eh! 1552 days ago
Eva Von Redvixen: Oink oink bark quack 1553.1 days ago
Eva Von Redvixen: Moo 1553.7 days ago
Mike Furry: I don't want to go on about things.. because I don't want to sound like a sad emo bastard just trowling for attention.. Rather just will say that I have been dealing with some issues which is why I have not been around much. I am not avoiding ANYONE.. just everyone. I will be back soon. 1556.5 days ago
Rezziel Zioto: Oh, I'm sorry. I guess I didn't have proper context. 1561.9 days ago
Rezziel Zioto: Cheer up buddy. (zaps) You could always build a new one with time. 1562.3 days ago
Mike Furry: making due with old linux box, but I miss my gaming system. 1562.5 days ago
Mike Furry: RIP PC... 1567.7 days ago
🐾 Yoah-cat 🐾: Hello, come on out and cuddle! 1568.3 days ago
❄️ Frostypaws ❄️: Bark 1568.8 days ago
Sam: Well moo to you too 1575.3 days ago
Sam: Hello 1576.7 days ago
❄️ Frostypaws ❄️: What's up 1581.6 days ago
Mike Furry: I am at the New Westminster Hyack Parade. I am stitting in Wendy's to avoid the rain.. the heavy, heavy, pouring down, drenching rain. 1586.1 days ago
Mike Furry: i often end up at my local Wendy's working on commissions.. hooray for a place that has free wifi, free refills on coke zero, and most importantly, a place to plug my laptop in. 1587.7 days ago
Mike Furry: and now, some Riff Trax 1591 days ago
Mike Furry: Watching Record of the Lodoss Wars with a pair of locals.. happy Victoria day 1591 days ago
❄️ Frostclaw ❄️: Mine... 1595.4 days ago
Mike Furry: Yes, I am bad for keeping to myself... 1595.6 days ago
Mike Furry: and now... the flu... 1603.2 days ago
Mike Furry: tired, lonely, horny. Terrible combo 1603.6 days ago
Mike Furry: I upgraded my OS.. to Ubuntu Mate 16.04LTS. New feel.. sort of like getting a 'new' car. 1610.7 days ago
Mike Furry: home again from Washington State... my bed looks very inviting after alll this driving. 1613.5 days ago
Mike Furry: Just saw Ratchet and Clank movie.. well worth seeing. 1613.8 days ago
Mike Furry: I am going to visit a friend in Everett, WA tonight to visit a local furry. So here I come America. 1617.9 days ago
Mike Furry: meh 1618.1 days ago
❄️ Stormfur ❄️: Hi 1641.2 days ago
Jay: HI there . 1642.2 days ago
Mike Furry: Where did my get up and go end up? 1644.7 days ago
Mike Furry: cool, uBlocker works on it. much better 1644.7 days ago
Mike Furry: so, i go away for a few weeks.. thought I should check in... Still REALLY hate that stupid flashing icon for the IM up in the icon bar. Make it go away! I am seriously considering making it either the flashing IM icon goes away or i go away. 1644.7 days ago
♡ Princess Osyra♡: yes princess. im mated now 1665 days ago
Mike Furry: That damn flashing icon for the IM is REALLY getting on my tits! 1668.5 days ago
Mike Furry: Home from VancouFur now.. i had a good time 1668.5 days ago
Mike Furry: sorry to everyone that has been trying to keep in touch with me... I have been busy with RL trying to get the estate in order. 1686.9 days ago
octibit: hehe, thats why my new fa is a new name, to ones that call me more offen, im doing quite well today 1686.9 days ago
redbi: lol hi i was bored and wanted to talk to a fellow canadian furry 1687.6 days ago
octibit: everyone calls me bun bun now, its odd 1690 days ago
octibit: hello 1692.8 days ago
Mike Furry: my toes are cold! 1703.5 days ago
Franked: Haha you too 1708.2 days ago
Franked: Me too, Mines on the same day 1708.7 days ago
Franked: Hey, am I right your birthday was the 13th? 1709.2 days ago
Mike Furry: bored now... 1709.8 days ago
Razor: Nothing but noodles 1710 days ago
Franked: Hey, are you 41 really? May I be your son? 1710.5 days ago
Whitepawzzz : Hello 1711.8 days ago
🐾shyfox🐾: im sorry for ur loss 1717.7 days ago
🐾shyfox🐾: happy belated birthday 1717.7 days ago
Mike Furry: Birthday... 1722.5 days ago
Reilly: Hope everything is getting better for you. 3 1724.9 days ago
Jai: I like the drafts. ;o 1726.4 days ago
Mike Furry: starting to get over all ofthis.. still not sleeping though. 1727.7 days ago
Mike Furry: At about 12:15 pm on January 4th, 2016, my father passed away in hospital peacefully. 1730.9 days ago
Mike Furry: NOTICE: My Dad is dying in hospital... so over the next few weeks, I might be fine one moment and really busy or depressed the next. While I have known this has been coming for a while, the rest of the family has only just found out so for them, it is a massive shock and I am taking care of them as much as I am helping Dad on his final trek. 1732.5 days ago
Cain: I shall snuggle that bearcat one day!!!! 1733.6 days ago
Mike Furry: happy new year everyone... 1734.4 days ago
Cain: Daww I see BELLY!!! 1734.6 days ago
Mike Furry: Merry Chrsitmas. 1742.6 days ago
Mike Furry: Heh, Is there no Straight Furs group? 1745.8 days ago
Mike Furry: .... 1747.7 days ago
Mike Furry: Nope, phone is definately not liking me... still works as a phone, but no more wifi... so no more kik until I have some funds to replace the phone, which won't be for a LONG time. 1756.1 days ago
Mike Furry: For whatever reason, my phone's wifi is working again.. very strange. 1769.4 days ago
Kryslin: Hi I'm kryslin want to be friends 1771.3 days ago
Mike Furry: To my American Friends, Happy Thanksgiving Eve... have and enjoyable time with family and friends! Stay safe, eh! 1771.5 days ago
Mike Furry: i am doing art.. and hiding in a motel in Hope, bc 1776.7 days ago
Mike Furry: Hooray, I made it Howloween! 1788.9 days ago
Mike Furry: hooray, finally getting some art done 1790.9 days ago
Mike Furry: To all those that have been wondering where I have been... sorry I have not been all that active here. Just been busy or tired or both. Things are getting slowly better however, just thought I would share a bit of possitiveness. 1805.8 days ago
Mike Furry: finally starting to feel better... still a bit ill, but better 1819.9 days ago
Mike Furry: been hectic week.. Dad still in hospital, mom not quite with it, telling everyone Dad is dying when he is not... I am getting more stress from cleaning up after her than taking care of dad... 1837.4 days ago
Rezziel Zioto: Bye and have fun. 1850.5 days ago
Mike Furry: Hey hey, i am going Camping in Manning Park for the next few days.. See you all when I get back. 1850.6 days ago
Mike Furry: i am feeling much better 1852.5 days ago
Rezziel Zioto: Hope you pull through. The flu sucks. 1857.8 days ago
Mike Furry: slowly getting over this flu 1857.8 days ago
Mike Furry: Blah.. home, sick in bed... stupid concrud... 1863.1 days ago
Mike Furry: Home from BronyCAN. Had a great time and did alot of drawing. 1864.1 days ago
Mike Furry: i am massively tired and have been dealing with some familybased health scares of late. I am not unfriendly, just too tired to deal with much more than what is on my plate. 1887.6 days ago
Mike Furry: https:www.youtube.comwatch?vWhDHx6Cisdg 1903.8 days ago
Mike Furry: blah... 1912.5 days ago
Mike Furry: Happy Canada Day! 1918.5 days ago
Mike Furry: big floppy donkey dick? 1923.7 days ago
Mike Furry: i got a smar phone again... well got the old one working again. goody. 1925.7 days ago
💖Mint💖: How's dis? 1925.7 days ago
💖Mint💖: But why? my profile pic suits me so well. 1925.7 days ago
✪ashton✪: cause a lion is cute lol 1929.2 days ago
Mike Furry: move love please! 1933 days ago
BlueStarz the female wolf😉: Hi! 1938.6 days ago
Mike Furry: insomnia sucks 1940.3 days ago
✪ashton✪: rawr (tackles and nuzzles) 1942.3 days ago
Mike Furry: ended up going for a bike ride instead. 1943.5 days ago
Mike Furry: trying to convince myself to go to the gym 1943.7 days ago
Mike Furry: i am watching Dr Who while doing some cleaning. 1945.4 days ago
Mike Furry: Just to remind those who keep trying to send messages to me on KIK, STOP! I don't have a smart phone any more so stop trying to reach me on KIK. 1947.4 days ago
Zephy: Dx Blows up kik 1951.6 days ago
Mike Furry: My phone fell into the washing mashine.. so do not try to KIK me. 1952.3 days ago
✪ashton✪: why not (hugs chu). 1958.9 days ago
Mike Furry: blah... can't sleep.... 1962.3 days ago
✪ashton✪: (barks and pits meh scent all on the wall) 1963.4 days ago
Shavarr Riekeer: Thank you :D 1969.7 days ago
Mike Furry: been up all night drawing.. now to sleep all day 1970.2 days ago
Mike Furry: Streaming http:original.livestream.commikefurry 1970.6 days ago
✪ashton✪: hmmm (nuzzles chu) fear meh cuteness then 1973.2 days ago
✪ashton✪: rawr fear mehh im so scary 1974.3 days ago
Ciozara: Hoi! I'm a raccoon! Do you want to be mah friend? o3o 1974.5 days ago
Mike Furry: Yes, I am here to steal all your Waifus. 1975.4 days ago
Mike Furry: Ever get that feeling you are being stalked by someone who does not like you? 1975.6 days ago
Mike Furry: zzzzzzzzzzz 1979.1 days ago
silverwolf19: fine 1979.9 days ago
silverwolf19: mint is my mate so leave him alone 1980 days ago
Mike Furry: !!!For the record!!! If you can't be open with people who your friends are, then you are not really their friends. And if you mate is jealous of your friends, and you don't do anything to fix that, then you are going to end up friendless. I am not going to sneak around in the shadows to be your friend in private. If I can't be your friend publicly, then I am not your friend. 1980 days ago
mewster the femboi kitty: nyaaah why pokes belly x3 1980.5 days ago
Mike Furry: ask.fmMikeFurry 1985.7 days ago
Zephy: maybe maybe maybe maybe maybe maybe maybe maybe maybe maybe maybe maybe maybe maybe maybe maybe 1985.8 days ago
mewster the femboi kitty: yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes x3 1985.8 days ago
Mike Furry: no no no no no no no no no no no no no no 1986.7 days ago
mewster the femboi kitty: giggles im doing good meow hehe x3 1987.5 days ago
mewster the femboi kitty: giggles and rubs my rump on youre crotch 1988.2 days ago
mewster the femboi kitty: shakes kitty rump 1988.8 days ago
Lily OMalley: BearCat Hybrid! (That just rolls off your tongue, doesn't it?) 1994.6 days ago
💖Mint💖: (pokes) hey how are you? (giggles) 1996.1 days ago
Kerns Phoegon: pokes wall 1999.8 days ago
Kerns Phoegon: pokes wall 1999.8 days ago
Flora Eclair MagicCaster: Your wall it has been poked 2001.1 days ago
RinLinx: oh look, finally someone closer to my age!!!! lol 2002.4 days ago
Mike Furry: i am very bad for keeping to myself... sorry I have not been more active of late. 2024.6 days ago
Tomohusky: woof! gotta love insomnia 2032.5 days ago
Mike Furry: VancouFur in the Aritst Ally! 2035.1 days ago
Mike Furry: can't bloody sleep.... blah.. so tired 2039.3 days ago
Fang The Wolf: Then you must have passed mine by without giving it much of a notice. :p 2046.7 days ago
Mike Furry: Looking out at all your profiles.. makes me feel so old now... 2052.6 days ago
Mike Furry: http:www.furaffinity.netview15769420 2052.8 days ago
Mike Furry: I am very bad for keeping to myself... 2055.8 days ago
Atta: I also like hugs and cuddles and talking Xp 2061.8 days ago
Atta: hey I likes your art! w 2061.9 days ago
Husky: Hello! 2068.6 days ago
Mike Furry: i need more hugs... and coffee! 2070.4 days ago
Mike Furry: http:www.furaffinity.netjournal6445430 2076.1 days ago
TAY: meowmoo 2078.5 days ago
Mike Furry: moo 2079.3 days ago

About Me:


Hey hey, and thank you for clicking and reading this. This is the short version.

I am an Artistic, hybrid of Bear and Cat.. the ever loving BearCat. I am from the Great White North, love to chat.. love to cuddle, love to enjoy the comforts of others. Please Feel free to pounce and enjoy the company of this oversized Teddybear.

Attention is good for bearkitties... it keeps us happy and content. Why not browse my FA? http://www.furaffinity.net/user/mikefurry/

Why not leave a note? I will get back to you, I promise.. though it might take me a while.

I am easily distracted by shiny objects.

I love notes, or contact me on F-list , or ask about my Skype. I have just replaced my phone, so I can use Kik again, but I find it spammy. I prefer Skype or F-list or even here. F-list account has all my DO's and DON'T's as well. http://www.f-list.net/c/mikefurry

I will accept any friend request, but after a while, I will trim my friend list down if I have not heard from you.. usually in about a year or so.



And now... the TL, DR version:


I am a Canadian Anthro/Furry Artist; mostly I just show up and draw and/or chat. Sometimes I do little, random, silliness, and sometimes I am mopey and quiet. Pretty much, I am open to just about all, so please feel free to pounce. I do not always see the chat window, especially if I am drawing, so feel free to send me a note, I regularly look up and check for notes.

I am single, in my late 30s, and working on a BA in Psychology. For the most part I am easy enough to get along with, but I am very bad for keeping to myself and do not often make the first move. This is something I am VERY BAD for, and stems from a time when I was not so hot on myself. If you are friendly and such, you will find me very open and willing to chat about just about anything or just share in a hug and cuddle time. I am flexible, and good for just about anything. My only real problem is that I get easily distracted by any shiny object... like tinfoil, or coins.. or TV... mmmmm TV...

For your consideration though, I do have an F-list, which I am constantly checking and changing and updating. Feel free to look over it at at your leisure: http://www.f-list.net/c/mikefurry


Because I am WAY OUT WEST in the wilds of the Pacific Coast of British Columbia, I tend to be a few hours behind everyone, meaning my 6pm is 9pm on the East Coast. Because I got so used to working Evenings and GraveYard Shifts, I end up being up while most people are a sleep, and end up sleeping during the morning, to start my day around noon.

I love getting notes, and I am pretty good at replying as soon as I can. However, I usually get the bulk of my notes when I am sleeping. So if I do not get back to you right away, I am not ignoring you, I am just away.

While I do have KIK, I am not on it regularly... as I am too busy playing Pokemon Go.


Almost all the references here or on F-list are drawn by me. While I enjoy drawing, I am not that good at times and slow at others. I often struggle to find time to get to actually being able to sit and work on a sketch or finish even my own character sheet. For the posting of what I draw, I have my FurAffinity, InkBunny, and SoFurry. I love to draw, and stream when I have time, doing art for others for either donation or for free when the mood takes me.

FA: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/mikefurry/

IB: https://inkbunny.net/MikeFurry

SF: http://mikefurry.sofurry.com/

FN: https://beta.furrynetwork.com/mikefurry/

When I stream, it is on Picarto. I like it because it is free. If I ever become big and famous and make enough money, I would love to start using Tigerdile, but for now, I shall use Picardo.


I will be putting up more self-reference art here, but for now, you can find more reference images of my ever loving hybrid self on my F-list, especially the naughty stuff, since they don't want that stuff posted here.



Not sure really. A good time? A few new friends... Maybe just some social time. Perhaps a VERY good time? Well I am open for just about anything really. ;)

I am VERY bad for keeping to myself, so much so that I don't always go out to interact with people as much as I should, be it on line or in the real world. Mostly, I just want a little fun and to unwind. What I am NOT looking for is a mate; i have just had one too many bad experiences with being 'mated', which has left me more than a little jaded.. still I am not 100% closed off from the idea, just probably something in time.

If you have a question or chat or just want to say hello and hug, please feel free to send a message to me. I love getting notes and chatting with people.


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