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Article: How to file an AR
Posted By: Siris
Date: 10-14-2020 19:30 PM
Views: 4611
As I have noticed a minor uptick lately I wanted to throw a few reminders out to people on how best to file reports so as to assist the Moderation and Administration teams in replying to your reports.

First and foremost use the report feature on the site. While I am sure my fellow moderators will gladly agree I will not speak for them but I am always happy and will try to respond to direct messages if able. These messages, however, are only visible to me and so can not ensure that I am looking to see the message come in. You are far better off filing a report where any member of the team can see your report.

When submitting your report please include the following:

- Name of person - Yes this does seem redundant but it makes for a quicker and easier response when reading

- A brief description of the grievance

- A screen shot is always useful if you can provide one (gyazo has a free service if you need one)

DarkXander: DITTO, As i always end up replying to people in reports, you can accuse someone of doing something, and they will deny it, leaving us in the middle to guess who is being truthful, screenshots make that easier because they prove via evidence who is lying. Screenshots are golden, words are tinfoil.
Little Tails: Thank you for taking the time to lay this out!

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