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Article: LOL-able DoS Attack
Posted By: DarkXander
Date: 08-08-2016 10:24 AM
Views: 3852
Someone throughout the weekend has been hitting us with a DoS with BW usage totaling a whopping ER-MAH-GERD 2.78 GB!! So when you factor in we have been hit by 14 TB in the past and not gone down, this attacker has only managed to splatter a fly on our windshield. The IDS and Firewall call it as they see it, even if its hilariously tiny.

TAY: outstanding work Xander. Having been on furrtrax several years ive seen the constant improvement.cant imagine what i dont see. being a security professional myself also, i consider staying on top of security much like racing you wNt to win, you get in front and stay in front. Good job Dark.
Kungfu Kitty: Without those witless wonders, we would have nobody to laugh at.
Zero Meow Morozzi: ..... snicker
Kovu: do they just not get it we just won't go down XD

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