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Article: Ongoing DDoS Attacks Hitting FurrTrax
Posted By: DarkXander
Date: 06-07-2016 15:21 PM
Views: 6235
So whomever has decided to attack us with a quite large botnet of exploited WordPress Servers must really hate us, because since last friday they have been DDoS Attacking us randomly with gaps of 2-12 hours in between, but each time its the same type of attack. They seem to have roughly 5000 wordpress servers under their control, but with a few tweaks, and a brand new detection pattern from their attacks our automated defense systems(TraxWall, pfSense and CloudFlare) are mitigating it seamlessly now.

The details:
~12TB of DDoS Flood Traffic so far - 6/7/2016

154,001,149 Total Site Hits/Requests - 6/7/2016
|-includes Attack and Legitimate website hits

28,470,199 Blocked Attacks since adding new Detection pattern to our IDS, the pattern was added after 4 seperate waves of the attack had already happenned, so this number cannot be considered a grand total.

And yet were still here, online, and kickin...

DarkXander: no
Stone Fox: Will this affect any privacy issues? I know its just a DDOS, but still.
Megaton: This is rather sad.. Why can't people just chill?
Ohanzee_W0LV: Hope everything goes in your favor to stop these attacks
Zuulass: Was wondering what was happening

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