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Article: Wanabe hacker that keeps annoying us.
Posted By: DarkXander
Date: 12-12-2015 21:13 PM
Views: 2425
His real ip, which traces back to a lowly DSL account on comcast is, and there is an open Administrative port on his modem Port 7547, which can be exploited. It is documented here: Link from DSL Reports. Im sure this information will be valuable to someone

Shadow : One day
DarkXander: that was 2 or 3 people involved, not 23
DarkXander: i found a forum post where it looks like 1 guy, solicited the help of anyone he could to try to take us offline, some of the posters mocked him, but im guessing he got at least a person or two to help him.i would guess there are 23 people involved, the dummy who started all this told them what username he was on this site, and i have since banned that username, i analyzed its traffic and it had 0 posts, 0 messages, but it had tripped the XSS and code filters a few times and generally explored the site randomly. my guess is that account was used for Recon to look around the site perhaps try a few basic exploits....
Tp11: Didnt you already post 2 different IPs on twitter? there are 2 of them correct?
Lars: In his words Topkek

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